Unlike early UFC events, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is no longer a showcase for various martial artists to try and prove which discipline can outclass the others. The sport has evolved to include various elements of striking, wrestling, and submissions, with high-level competitors able to transition between the different styles effortlessly. This class consists of extreme cardio and high impact drills and sparring, geared toward individuals who are either looking to compete or people who are more advanced  in their training and looking to apply their skills in an MMA setting. At AMA, we offer a top notch group of experienced instructors and a class that can work with newer fighters or more polished professionals that compete in the best promotions in the nation.


This class will teach you all of the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a grappling art perfected by the legendary Gracie family of Brazil. Our program is under Master Renato Tavares, a 4th degree black belt under Carlson Gracie Sr. and longtime mixed martial arts competitor. At the Academy of Martial Arts, you will learn learn all the positions, escapes, and submissions necessary, whether you simply want to learn basic self defense and get in a good workout, or compete in high-level submission tournaments.


Muay Thai/Boxing

A long-practiced striking discipline in Thailand, Muay Thai involves punches, kicks, elbows, and knees, and AMA gives you the opportunity to train with some of the top Thai boxing instructors in the state. Along with great Muay Thai technique, this class also incorporates boxing drills to give you the workout of your life. This class has something for everyone, from novices to those looking to compete in kickboxing or MMA.

Kids Class

Drop your kids off and have the peace of mind that they will learn discipline and fitness in a safe atmosphere. Our younger students receive the attention of a skilled instructor with an extensive knowledge of working and teaching children.

HIIT Training w/Jamie Dwiggins

Involved with HIIT training: This will incorporate plyometrics, weight training, and cross fit style moves. HIIT training involves low to moderate intensity intervals which are alternated with high intensity intervals. HIIT training is shown to be more effective than normal cardio as both aerobic and anaerobic exercise is utilized to burn fat.  HIIT training burns up to 50% more fat efficiently in one session than regular cardio (normally results are seen much faster).  HIIT training is good for people/athletes with goals to lose as much as fat as possible while cutting or bulking, or to improve cardiovascular and muscular endurance levels.

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  1. Tom Hadding says:

    Would like to know more about your kids programs. My kids are 8 and 13. They have studied under kempo comba tai style of martial arts 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 years

    • Coach says:

      We’d love to have them come try out a class! Your 8 year old would more than likely be a perfect fit for our kids class, held on Tues & Thurs from 6pm – 6:45. Your 13 year-old would probably prefer to be in our adult class, as there will be more people closer to his age group there. First two classes for each are free, so please come by to have them try out a class! Please feel free to call me for more details at 405-205-6342.

  2. Coach says:

    Hi Brandi,

    Thanks for your interest in the Academy of Martial Arts! We’d love to have you come try the class out! We offer two free classes, so come on out and try it. We are actually having a class tonight, it will be boxing/Muay Thai, tonight at 6:30. We have several pricing options available which we’ll gladly discuss once you come in! Hope to see you soon!!

  3. Jesse says:

    I would like more info on your martial arts program thanks

  4. za-za says:

    Im trying to go pro is there anyway you can get me in the right direction?

  5. zach says:

    I am in good shape, but not very flexible. Can you offer personal training to adapt to my body style?

  6. Ashley says:

    We have a 5 year old son that is currently in wrestling both freestyle and folkstyle. We are looking for something to keep him in shape and to help him with his wrestling during his off season. I was curious as to what your classes run, fee wise, after your 2 free classes?

    • Coach says:

      We are currently running “Grand Opening” special, bring your son by and have him try out the class and we can discuss the special pricing.

  7. Erica says:

    I am looking in to joining a kickboxing class for the soul purpose of losing weight and getting into shape. Was wondering if you have beginners classes that would help me with that. I took classes in Houston and loved it not to mention I could easily lose 5 pounds a week when I did it. Well I’m ready to get back into shape. thanks

    • Coach says:

      We have kickboxing Monday and Wednesday from 6:30-8:30, and Saturday at noon. We offer two free classes to start with, so come try out the classes and we can go from there!

  8. Abby says:

    What are the ages for your kids programs.

    • Coach says:

      Generally we recommend ages 6 and up. We have kids class on Tues and Thurs from 6-6:45 p.m. Bring em down and let em try the class out, we offer two free classes to start!

  9. Garrett says:

    I have never been into a fight, and my only fighting experience is from watching a few YouTube videos and when I use to take taekwondo about 8 years ago, I regret not staying with it, but I can’t change the past… I want to know a fighting style that doesn’t involves very many grapples. When would be a good time to enroll in classes, and which fighting style would you recommend? when would be a good time to show up and start learning?

    • Coach says:

      Hi Garrett,

      Thanks for your interest. For a martial art that doesn’t involve much grappling, as far as the arts that we teach, I would recommend our Muay Thai/Boxing classes held on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. We also recently started a noon kickboxing class on Tuesday and Thursday. We offer one free class, so why don’t you come give it a try. Any time is a good to time to start, after all, time waits on no one. Hope to see you soon. If you have more questions, please feel free to give me a call at 405.205.6342. Thanks, Coach

  10. CHAD says:

    what would you recommend for someone who is overweight? I am 6ft1 310 lbs…I used to be pretty athletic and did weightlifting, now I am just a workaholic/couch potato…looking for something that wont kill me first class, give me the opportunity to learn a discipline, and lose weight in the process…thanks

    • Coach says:

      All of our classes are formatted for each individual to complete the class at his/her level of fitness. We will pair you up with an experienced person who can help you master the moves of the class. The first step is coming, so come in and give it a try!!

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