Unlike early UFC events, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is no longer a showcase for various martial artists to try and prove which discipline can outclass the others. The sport has evolved to include various elements of striking, wrestling, and submissions, with high-level competitors able to transition between the different styles effortlessly. This class consists of extreme cardio and high impact drills and sparring, geared toward individuals who are either looking to compete or people who are more advanced  in their training and looking to apply their skills in an MMA setting. At AMA, we offer a top notch group of experienced instructors and a class that can work with newer fighters or more polished professionals that compete in the best promotions in the nation.



This class will teach you all of the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a grappling art perfected by the legendary Gracie family of Brazil. Our program is under Master Renato Tavares, a 4th degree black belt under Carlson Gracie Sr. and longtime mixed martial arts competitor. At the Academy of Martial Arts, you will learn learn all the positions, escapes, and submissions necessary, whether you simply want to learn basic self defense and get in a good workout, or compete in high-level submission tournaments.














Muay Thai/Boxing

A long-practiced striking discipline in Thailand, Muay Thai involves punches, kicks, elbows, and knees, and AMA gives you the opportunity to train with some of the top Thai boxing instructors in the state. Along with great Muay Thai technique, this class also incorporates boxing drills to give you the workout of your life. This class has something for everyone, from novices to those looking to compete in kickboxing or MMA.








Kids Class

Drop your kids off (or stay in our lounge area) and have the peace of mind that they will learn discipline and fitness in a safe atmosphere.  Our younger students receive the attention of a skilled instructor with an extensive knowledge of working and teaching children.  Whether you want your children to compete in tournaments, learn discipline, or learn self-defense, the Academy of Martial arts can help you and your child achieve these goals.


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