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Bellator FC veteran and XFL light heavyweight champion Myron Dennis

Myron Dennis

  • 5-1 professional record
  • 1x Bellator Fighting Championships veteran
  • XFL light heavyweight champion
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt under Renato Tavares


XFL 145-pound champion Tavares Collins

Tavares Collins

  • 4-1 Professional MMA Record
  • XFL featherweight champion
  • 4-1 Kickboxing Record
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt under Renato Tavares


XFL heavyweight contender Bryan McVea

 Bryan McVea

  • 1-0 professional MMA record, 1-0 amateur
  • 1-0 professional kickoxing record, 3-1 amateur
  • NAGA World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Dec. 18, 2010: No Gi intermediate 3rd place, Gi blue belt division 2nd place
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt under Renato Tavares


King of the Cage veteran Ruben Zamarron

 Ruben Zamarron

  • 7-4 professional record
  • 2x King of the Cage veteran
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Renato Tavares


XFL heavyweight amateur champion Demoreo Dennis

Demoreo Dennis

  • 3-0 Amateur MMA
  • XFL Amateur Heavyweight champion
  • 3-2 Professional MMA
  • NAGA Intermediate NO GI Champ
    Colorado Open Intermediate NO GI Champ
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt under Renato Tavares



Latoia Smith

  • 2-3 Amateur Muay Thai
  • 2-1 Amateur MMA
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt under Renato Tavares
  • Article By Jennifer L. Vaughn

    Her alarm goes off at 6am most mornings just like other working Americans as she rises to tend to her two daughters before her day begins at the office. After kissing her 4 and 5 year old daughters and husband goodbye for the day, Latoia Smith then works from about 8am to 5pm as an Assistant Manager at a local apartment complex in Oklahoma City, OK. So what is so unique about Latoia? After getting out of work, Latoia heads straight to the Academy of Martial Arts in Oklahoma City to train for about four hours in all aspects of mixed martial arts. “I always played sports in high school,” explained Smith on her passion about MMA. “I was looking for some competitive sports to get involved in when I saw the Ultimate Fighter television show and fell in love with it!”
    Latoia began her training in July 2010 and on September 22, 2011 she had her first fight in Tulsa, OK for the XFL. Being the first female MMA fighter to come out of her gym presented both excitement and its own kind of pressure. “When I saw the bright lights, my adrenaline was just pumping!” she related regarding that first official fight in the cage. “Once they shut the door, it’s just you, your opponent, and the referee.”
    Smith’s fight went the full three rounds with her opponent out of Colorado and she eventually lost by a close decision. “My biggest challenge is controlling my asthma and not having an attack,” she continued. While most fighters have to deal with being properly conditioned and making sure their technique is refined, Latoia has had the added pressure of dealing with asthma for most of her life. “I realized the impact it had on me when I first started training. In the beginning, I would only be able to last a few rounds,” she explained.
    Eventually however her endurance began to grow. Her coach would have her train in multiple layers of clothing to assist with the slow build-up of her conditioning and endurance, and this hard work definitely paid off. “I was proud that I could finish all three rounds of my fight without having an attack.” In fact, Latoia easily now trains her gym’s standard 15 rounds without an asthma attack. Quite a success story.
    Besides fierce training 5-6 days a week, Smith’s coach also has her on a high protein diet with lots of fluids, primarily water for proper hydration. “I come to the gym straight from work and sometimes don’t even have time to take my make-up off before training,” Smith described when asked to expound a bit on the differences and thoughts on female fighters in general. “As a woman, don’t let anything stop you from trying out MMA,” Latoia passionately explained. “Don’t let the concept that you have to look a certain way stop you from at least trying out a class or a gym to see for yourself.”
    With the UFC now opening up to female fighters,” I feel that this a HUGE step for women fighters, even though there is only one weight class. This is the open door for promoters across the country to see that women are not just pretty faces but pretty faces that stand up and bang.”
    As Latoia trains hard and progresses in her career as a fighter, she continues to be an inspiration, a role model, and a motivator for her family at home, and her family at the gym. “The Academy was the first gym I ever trained at and it’s really my family away from home! I know they want me to be at my very best.” The Fighter Girls community wishes Latoia luck on her upcoming competition at NAGA this February and will continue to watch for her in future MMA events.
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  • Since the writing of this article, Toia has fought a victorious MMA bout in Kansas City, KS, bringing amateur MMA record to 2-1

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